Monday, December 20, 2010

Zionism At Large

" short, zionism is that which has always gnawed at your conscience, while you were busy dodging misinformation."  ~ Brandon Dean

That statement is such a soft and quiet voice within, isn’t it?  Many are afraid to speak such things aloud.  They are afraid because they fear a neighbor or co-worker will tell others who will like in the days of the gulag, abscond with the offending speaker in the middle of the night.  Or fear that the one will be  banished from their society, or treated like anathema. 

The poor Jews:

Who is the source of this dark fear?  Those who number so few but inhabit the top tiers of the power elite in America.  The Jews?  Not really.  The Zionists?  Yes.  Who are Zionists?  They are the people who broker power to any and all who support Israel.  That is right, the group who wields so much power and fear are those who send money and power to Israel.  One asks then, “Are you saying that because the President of the U.S. and the Congress, by sending millions and billions to Israel, that makes them Zionists? “  You bet.  Wait, you say, “We are paying taxes that is used to send money to Israel, does that make us Zionists”?  Yes, if you voted for the person who voted to send that money.  And after discovering this truth you continue to support Israel. 

Why is the support of Israel such a bad thing?  Well let us pose it this way, Let us say that Spain decided that because the Mexican people have a point and that Spain wants the southern portion of the U.S.  and that they were promised that land by an ancient queen, now let us further venture to pose that Spaniards today believe they are supposed to have that portion of the U.S. and there is no other way about it.  So they begin to migrate while getting the blessing by the Vatican and the U.N.  Now Spaniards are moving in and evicting the residents who have lived and owned that land for generations, and the Spaniards have also set up their own government in say Colorado.     

Now mind you that there has been no lines drawn for this emigration.  No Spaniards will commit to having any borders drawn.  Suddenly you hear news that your cousin is being evicted from his house and the house is being razed and he is then interred at a small encampment.  He cannot grow food there and cannot hunt.  He cannot commute to work except by approved modes of transportation and is subject to a search.   That is not all, your cousin's children are shot for picking up a rock in this newly occupied area.  What will you do? When your cousin's wife is called all manner of names, what will you do.  If you think that because your direct family is involved that it will not affect you.

That is the same thing the Jews said while in Germany and it is the mantra of today, that we must stand up  today as it will soon affect us individually soon enough. 

Watch this whole video to see how a people are treated in their land.  See how the children are treated.  See how the ones tasked with keeping peace are turning a blind eye and tacitly assisting the abuse.  What would you do if someone called you a whore?  What would you do in the face of such hate?  It is a good thing this psycho bitch was not anywhere near me.  I will watch the video again so I can memorize this face, so that if I ever chance upon seeing this nasty broad in real life, I will get to punish the bully coward that she is.  Teach her a lesson.

In the meantime, are we American's going to allow this apartheid with our money?  Why?  If this was done in America, there would be such an outcry and policy changes and laws passed....  Oh.... yeah.... nevermind, we have horror museums and laws that only protect the perpetrators of this.

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