Friday, December 10, 2010

Ladies! What are we doing dispensing angst in Iraq?

What are we doing dispensing angst in Iraq?

Ladies, the taxes we pay when we spend money on groceries, shoes, feminine needs, or any item, is going to the war machine that is killing innocent women and children. When I say 'innocent', I mean precisely that. These are non-combatants. The simile would be you and or your child being gunned down on Main Street America. Bullets have no nationalities. Drug Thugs, American Troops, or Al Queda, they take the blood and lives of the innocents.

Can you tell the nationality of these dead?  

Layla Anwar is crying out to all that can hear. Ladies let us hear her cry.

Ladies, if you care and if you can sway your man to care, weigh this womans words. Imagine yourself in her shoes. Your little darling's gymnastics class is so trivial compared to the broader scope of things.

Ladies, don't you feel the gnawing in your stomach? Can't you sense the imbalance. Can't you smell the blood?

No; no one is asking for money. Your pieces of paper and digital money has already done enough damage going into the coffers of those who would shed your blood with the same alacrity it would shed some Muslim woman's.

Why can you not call your representative? What is a phone call to you? You would spend 10 times as long on the phone with a gossip monger who does nothing to enrich your life.

Ladies let us quit hiding behind the busyness of pot lucks and birthday parties, and finally do something that means something.

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