Friday, November 26, 2010

They, Israel, are at it again!

They are at it again and this time they are selling T-shirts!

What am I talking about? Why Israel of course! They have had an egregious blockade to Gaza and by the callous starving of the children, the prominent ones of Israel’s media made a spoof of the Fund raising song “We Are the World”. They think it is funny to mock the starving children and the oppressed Gazans with not only the illegal sanctions on a sovereign people, but also to make fun and generate funds by selling T-shirts memorializing an event that has angered the international community by lying about the raids on the flotilla. They used live ammunition and if it weren’t for the tenacious cameramen’s want to get the truth out, this whole story would have fallen to the wayside in this revisionist Zionist media machine. The video that the IDF provides is a forgery and you can look that up and research for yourself.

Every American should be absolutely fed up with this supporting Israel thing. After the initial release of this video and after the exposure of the IDFs criminal actions OF PIRACY IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS, youtube removed the video and all the copies of it from the user channels citing copyright infringement and as per the justice only the U.S. is able to manufacture, the U.S. sent Israel 20 Billion US Dollars for the new ‘Iron Dome’. Imagine if the Piracy were done by black men off the coast of Africa… We have a serious double standard here. But here is the video again back on youtube. What is it? Is it that only Israelis are allowed to have this video on their channels? Or did Lionel Ritchie give these people special permission to use his song?

Seriously folks, this falls right in line with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the writers of that document would be so proud of the progeny in Israel today. Read them here: . To see what all the AntiZionism fuss is all about, go here: . For a great and sober detailing of the Israeli agenda, go here . We have been warned of what has been going on for decades, we generationally refused to listen. The late Eustace Mullins epitomized the word ‘research’ and he exposed so much to us, but only now we are taking steps to learn the truth.

Has no one noticed that Israel is constantly harping on how the United States must go to war in the Middle East? We have lost far too many American lives, not to mention the fact we are turning our military into genocidal workerbees on behalf of Israel. We are definitely going to Iran. Israel who has never sign the Nuclear Peace Treaty is harping about Iran’s pathetic 20% enrichment program, while Israel has been found to have tried to sell nukes to Africa as far back as the 70’s
Now with this posting I know that I have inexorably have drawn the line, there is no turning back. If my friends find this post and are fearful, I do understand. At first going down this path, I also feared. I do not hold umbrage, for this is a formidable enemy, the same Pharisees who killed Jesus Christ, are the same people who are killing us in the name of the Jews. I personally don’t give a rip what religion you are as long as you are not taking steps to keep me from practicing my religion; I won’t try to keep you from practicing your religion. Killing me, I define, is keeping me from practicing my religion.