Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spirit Signature = Life Essence = Frequency

Spirit Signature = Life Essence = Frequency

A friend and I were chatting today about how we are all indentured servants. Many of us do not know this. It is true nonetheless. Well, they are doing a hell of a job on the Americans via credit lines and overwhelming taxes. I tell people often, that it is best to prepay all bills. That way when they wake up every morning, the reason they go to 'work' it is because they want to, not because they are scared of an unpaid bill. But isn't it something, that we cannot prepay our taxes? Why not? It is circular, no? You cannot prepay your taxes on the income you generate. You cannot prepay all the sales tax that you will be subject to. You must wait until an assessor comes out to your property to establish how much you owe in taxes. It reminds me of what we learned in school about Company Stores. We get up in the morning to prepare for the workday, spend some of our life on the commute to the jail, I mean job. But I digress.

My friend and I were talking about how the actual notes we use are an imaginary value. Until we take these notes to a dealer of merchandise, we never really know how much it is valued. For example, all the prices in the store went up by 3 percent , for what ever reason (fuel surcharges, or taxes increase, or what not). While discussing these things a scripture came to my mind. In James 5:4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. Another way put is, “You failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields, the wages are crying out against you.” So not only is the scripture speaking of the workmen crying out to the Lord, but also the wages are crying out to the Lord. So the time we spend putting our lives into making these imaginary value notes, they have our life essence on it. Our Life essence can be also called a Spirit signature or our personal frequency.

The wages, as noted, cry out. The reason? People put their life essence towards something and that something has not been rendered to the deserving party; the wages cry out because they were not in the hands of the earner. I am talking about spiritual principles here. If you put forth your energies into something, it will result in some evidence of production, be it harvesting a garden, or hunting meat, or making instruments, et al. But, Jesus gave parables regarding wage earners, and they all got paid the same day they worked! In all the different parables they got paid the same day in cash, not credit or a promissory note.

Here is the thing, the employers today hold your money for one or two weeks and they are earning the interest on your life essence while the accounting department figures out how much to write a check for.

Now banks are closed or do not apply deposits to ones account until the next working or business day, it can take three days before you have access to your funds. Why? Is it not a digital transaction? In today’s volatile industry, like my friend said, “fortunes can be won and lost, in the next two minutes.” So when some poor slob gets his check on Friday, he cant deposit it until Friday evening after he gets off work, and has no access to it until Monday morning. The bank or the employer is making interest on all that money for the weekend. The employer is making interest on the money until the check is deposited into the account.

Back in the 1980s the U.S. Military pushed for the service persons to all get direct deposit. The paycheck would deposit at midnight the day of payday. All the troops opted for that as they could go to an ATM and get some money out of the bank at midnight while the paper check people would have to wait until the end of business day. It used to be that way. Now employers require you to get a bank account and direct deposit. And now you still have no access to the money until the next day. See, when a check is deposited to an account (even a government paper check) and say the account holder goes home and then goes online to manage their funds like transferring the money to another account at the same bank. They will be charged with NSF fees, because the check had not cleared. But the bank is actually deriving interest on those funds for the duration of non-availability.

The real crime in this, is that the banks know this but the general populace do not. But laying it out like this shows who all and how complicit they are. But in the spiritual sense, back to that, the wages cry out. Do you understand what I am saying? Some will not understand as they think that spirit is only symbolic. Spirit is real. Let us call a unit of money or, if you will, a wage, because it has a persons life essence signature or life essence on it, grasp this part. If I take seeds and I sow them into the ground and put forth energy and my life essence in the plant, then it has my signature on it.

Ok anyway. Let us for the sake of discussion, instead of calling it a spirit, call it a frequency, you could trace that life force or a frequency = life essence = signature. I am not suggesting that spiritual people grow better food. What I am saying is that the frequency of energy we all put into our efforts, be it gardening, music, manufacturing, creating art, etc. has one’s frequency signature. If the person has a vibrant healthy frequency the product of his or her efforts is resonant with that frequency. The opposite is true also. It stands to reason that the mass produced food easily available in markets, does not have the flavor that home grown personally harvested food has. Those of you who have nurtured and harvested your own gardens, or those who have hunted or fished, know that this is true, the food is most excellent. The question came up, “Would a bean sown by you taste any different than a bean sown by me?” Yes. “why?” Because we each have different frequencies and mental patterns that affect our frequencies That should help you 'see' the life essence that manifests in the frequency of the food.

Now one asks: “you're suggesting this 'spirit' can rub off on something... infect it, almost, attune with it.” Right. Let me tell you why. Love is not just emotion, it is action and behavior and almost always the act of nurturing. The more nurturing , the more of the emotional sense of 'love'. When one is nurturing a something they have worked, like a garden, the frequencies that are put out by the individual, is infused on the matter in the garden. I will go into the interactions with other humans at a later time. But for now, if you are a nasty and negative person working a garden and there is no one else with a different frequency, then you will have a garden that bears that negative. So these vegetables are carrying the frequencies of those who tended them. The same is true of meats. Recall in the AVATAR movie, the phrase that Jake and all the Navi used when they killed a beast; why? because of those frequencies.

Anyway. So we understand how foods can carry frequencies. Now when those frequencies are put to a goal, (what ever the GOAL) maybe, if it is wages, or a thing of value, like a piece of gold, or a dresser, or a pair of boots, and a person works and nurtures toward that goal, their frequency is all over that item. So when the “wages cries out“, it is the frequencies of the laborers as they have nurtured and put their life essence into the item. Those frequencies are discordant from the holder until they are 'brought to the owner of the frequency.' The question is asked: “so, even the received money, because of the mean-spirited way it arrived (eventually) in your account TASTES FUNNY, in effect.” and “so, is the act of earning such BAD MONEY making people ill?” YES!!! So too, how you earn your money can make you ill.

The question is then asked, “Why do all those evil bankers LIVE SO LONG?” What says they really have life? Look at how miserable they are, unsatisfied with what they have. And why do people think that age 80 and 90 is a long life? It isn’t. We are designed to live 120 years, these people are dying far before that age. I can't wait until I hit 60 as that is only middle age. I will be telling 20 year olds, after some crazy feat I do., "Yeah when I was your age, I couldn't do this either."

So, my mind gets picked some more, as I am asked, “Actually, you're allowing me to extrapolate a seemingly valid point here, Only food you've poured your own love into is healthy for you.". That is iffy. If my best friend gives me of her garden, and she loved into it. Then it will taste great and is healthy. Communal Resonance is the word my friend came up with to use.

My mother used to assemble sandwiches of white bread tomatoes mayo and cheese. (po folks food)One time as an adult, she and I went into the kitchen and made the sandwiches and it didn't taste as good. I was puzzled because this was a favorite of mine, so I then snatched her sandwich and ate of it, and it tasted so much better! I asked her what the hell was up with that! It was the same exact ingredients! She told me she loves food as she prepares it, and what I was tasting was the love. There was a vast difference in the flavor. So she made me another one, and voila’ it tasted awesome. From then on, when I cooked or prepared food, I loved it. I loved the people who were going to partake in it. Call it a spell or prayer or what ever, but the frequencies are very important.

So my genius friend extrapolated something else and it is a doozy folks! “Let's say the ingredients were put together (corporately) spitefully...Yet, because you prepare them together... with love, spirit, frequency, YOU CAN TRANSFORM a bad ingredient into an excellent sandwich? Effectively, water to wine?

Absolutely! And now Ladies and Gentlemen, we know Water to Wine, we now know how He (Jesus) did it! But my point in all the discussion was to make sure I properly illustrated the money or wages crying out. What if the wages were a basket of berries? It brings to mind that the wages or berries in this case, when the earner says "I hope you choke on it" sends a negative and ugly frequency. But had they kept it positive, then the thief would probably choke on it, based on these principles.

Additionally, the belief of the consumer ... maybe the consumer can take ANY POISON as long as he loves at it? Yes, with the commercialism and the programming. "I just love Doritos" see? Like my friend also pointed out, “It's like the kid goes, "Dad, how can you drink that beer, it tastes awful." Right. But if the non love was in the making of it, and the person eating it 'loves it' then that would (oh boy another verse popped into my head) make it taste good initially but be evil in the body. Intention. If you eat a poisonously made item thinking you love it, but let it fester in your body by means of fat accumulation or making toxic your organs, Those frequencies will indeed affect you and the frequencies you put out will reflect the ones you ingested. Literally and figuratively you are what you eat.

At heart I am a scientist, and a results oriented person. So what spirituality I do talk about, has proven out. It is amazing when a friend starts digging into the brain and these gems come to the fore. So what I relearned today is that I am more correct in regards to equating personal frequency, life essence, and spirit, than I had previously thought, and the other thing? Well how many of you wouldn’t be ecstatic to figure out how Jesus turned Water into Wine?!
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