Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wrong hole capped in Gulf?

Just what are we to believe anymore? I am suspicious about everything. Even the most earnest posited information I must necessarily suspect it, as we get told news, then it is changed and the bad guys are turned out to be good guys. The previous good guys we then find out are the bad guys.

If we are all staying current with the news about the Gulf oil Spill, we all have heard all about the use of Corexit substance and the problems with capping the blown up well and we all have celebrated the successful capping of that well. We were given the video footage, right there on our TVs. Many of have felt relief that finally the spewing oil was stopped, some of us were relieved but concerned that there would be other leaks that would ensue from the pressure built up by capping the one oil volcano. Every night we see reports from one reputable scientist or another , the officials at the EPA , and so on and so forth. So the American public, it seems, is easily pacified.

Now, were I to mention David Icke, or reptillians, I will lose all credibility. But If I mention well known scientists, I will not lose credibility? How does that work? The President speaks and are we all supposed to believe him? What says that he is getting good information? How do we know that the experts are telling him the truth? When these scentists and those who know it all say that the oil spill is capped off, that we all should breathe a sigh a relief as it is going to be ok, now. And that all we have to do is now clean up that which leaked out. What we then find out is that the jerks lied to us YET AGAIN!

Peoples lives are stake and we need real time information. We do not need liars in front of the cameras. We do not need for the Big wigs trying to make us calm. We are a resilient people. Tell us the truth, and let us do the clean up and get the hell out of our way. We have seen reporters and BP personnel lie to us. We have all heard of the insiders that are blowing the whistle on many aspects of this debacle.

What we had not heard and we should have heard was that the camera that shows the capped off well, is not the camera we should be watching. The following is a video from and astute observer, and it shows that is not the one BP installed in the Gulf that exploded and destroyed the New Horizon Rig. What we were not told is that there were two wells that were drilled. It is the second one that blew. It is the first hole, that is capped!

Latitude 28.738132500000003
Longitude -88.36592777777777

Latitude 28.73778527777778
Longitude -88.36682805555554

Thanks to LightCaster of for pointing this out to me.

update as of 13:17 July 25th 2010.

Please make this viral.

The notes on the video
This video confirms what Henning Kemner and Matt Simmons have been saying. This is not footage of the actual leak site. This footage is coming from an oil field in the Sulu Sea near the Philipine Islands.... Check out the links below for confirmation. Remember, we are in the western hemisphere, so the ROV's should have a north latitude and west longitude coordinate.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We all need to laugh.

I just want to share a funny clip with everyone, as we all need to laugh. It is not good for us to always have negative news. So with a sense of justice and humor I share some videos that I had seen. I will add to this blog as I am sent really funny ones or if I find them on my own. I must share the laughter.

OMG I am laughing so hard, tears are streaming from my eyes!


It took me about 20 times seeing this movie to not laugh so hard during this scene!

Laughing out loud

Gotta Love the Russians for their extra time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(Racist?) Sherrod is actually a patriot!

(Racist?) Sherrod is actually a patriot!

I resent the Andrew Breitbart video

that was released as it tried to paint a racist portrait of a black woman Sherrod being a racist. The video clip we were given to see had a heavily edited speech that Sherrod made to the 20th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet. The clip we got to see has Sherrod relating an incident in which she had had a bias against a white man who was about to lose his farm. In her official position, she had the ability to help him with ‘full force’, but she didn’t.

I took the 43 minutes to watch the whole speech she gave. In that retelling of the incident, the initial Andrew Breitbart video did not show, was that she did indeed fight for this white man. The story went on to show that the white lawyer that the white farmer was paying, was not helping the farmer at all! She then went on to tell how she ended up helping the farmer. She also told of how she learned at that time, 1986, that it was not really all about black versus white. The whole thing was about the elites versus the poor, she elaborated with the history of white and black people who were indentured servants, and there was interracial relationships and marriages, and that the elites then started passing laws, making black people permanent slaves and therefore not allowed to marry interracially. It was with the passing of all those laws that our country became racist. It is telling that the Andrew Breitbart video did not also cover the murders of black people and the lack of law and justice for the convictions of the white people who did the murders.

This 43 minute video should be seen by black and white people.

I am insulted that the tea party used this Andrew Breitbart video to promote their agenda, when they did not see the whole speech. I encourage all patriots to watch this 43 minute speech, for it shows that Sherrod knows history and understands how the laws were made to oppress all people, not just the black people. She is telling the young people to not waste their lives just having a good time.

I demand that Tom Vilsack publicly apologize and beg her to come back to the work she was doing. Granted I don’t agree with Sherrod on all her views, like the healthcare bill and Barky, but she is a patriot.

Context is everything.

In this piece you will see video evidence of racism coming from a federal appointee and NAACP award recipient and in another clip from the same event a perfect rationalization for why the Tea Party needs to exist.
Context is, indeed, everything. Now that you are backtracking and stating that you were not focused on Sherrod, but the NAACP. Liar. You are the one who is racist, by twisting this woman’s words and getting her fired, you are the racist. When had Sherrod ever said anything negative about the tea party? She didn’t. So, instead of making the MSM responsible for their actions, you use their tactics to get a good woman fired. What the hell do you know about racism Breibart? Have you ever seen the KKK in full dress regalia on Hwy 27 in TN road blocking so they can garner “donations”, while holding Uzis? WTF do you know? You stooped to the MSM level by parsing the clip, giving no care what so ever to the affects it would have on Sherrod personally, or the affect it would have on the tea party. You shot the tea party in the foot with that one.

This is why folks, we don’t need anymore parties, Republican, Democratic, Tea, Independent, Green, or otherwise. All Americans should write in their vote. That way the Diebold machines cannot be used to fudge the vote. We all are supposed to be independent. To align oneself to a party means one must compromise on personally held beliefs so as to tow the party line and succeed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How many of you have noticed that lately you are coughing more often, or that you may have developed asthma? Have you thought that of late it has been getting incrementally worse? Tobacco smokers of course curse the day they started smoking, and non smokers curse the global warming and supposed worsening pollution. Of those, who initially said yes, how many of you thought you were merely being a hypochondriac, and refused to complain about it? mmm hmmmm I see.

Ok next set of questions, How many of you have notice the strange patterns in the sky? When I was a child skies were blue and clouds were white, unless a storm was coming through. When we looked at the clouds, we would see puffy renditions of animals and cartoon like images. It was a fun pastime. Today if you even have the time to look up at the sky, we don't get to see such visuals. Today we see right angles and X's and sometimes we get to see hounds-tooth patterns and what appears to be an aerial tic-tac-toe game started.

When I was a girl, planes left a short trail that dissipated, it was formed by the heat from the jets heating the moisture in the atmosphere and that moisture temperature difference was what left a trail in the colder atmosphere. Those trails would soon fade at the same rate of speed the jet traveled. Today, you can still see such things from jets. You can also see the trails that do not fade. They remain and ruin the beautiful color blue in the sky. What are they for? Why is the government allowing or possibly paying for this 'service'?

Ok next question: How many of you were in the military during the 80's and early 90's? And of those, how many of you took NBC Defense? Yeah, I know remember the alarm we were supposed to sound when there was spraying? While you go get your old manuals, I will wait....... Yes, now you remember don't you? What does a aerosol Chemical attack look like? Look at the crudely drawn pictures again, yes. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is exactly what is going on.

So, here is a video taken by a PILOT proving the chemtrails are real and they are poisonous:


So those of you who have been thinking that I am barking mad for talking about these things, I forgive you.

Thanks, Mike Philbin for bringing this to my attention! One day we will have our Free Planet!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New blog

Since I have heard enough people tell me that I am opinionated, I decided to blog my thoughts and findings rather than repeat them. I find that we often tell some people the same thing over and over again, kind of like our fathers did years ago, just to have the younger ones roll their eyes and gasp "You already told us this!".

This is my first blog, I hope to bring an idea of what is really going on 'out there', and use some of what used to be called 'common sense' to the table. Unfortunately common sense is not so common anymore. In these days of indoctrination, family separations, media advertising/programming, the common knowledge is lost in the noise of today's hustle and bustle.

I do research topics that capture my interest and I like to immediately let people know my findings. Researching is often difficult, and I have a new appreciation to that discipline. I find it high praise, when a well known researcher says, "you do know how to research!", or any like statements.

I will also post with the understanding that life is not fair. That does not connote that justice should not be done or pursued. It was not fair that Mother Nature sent a hurricane (Katrina) to New Orleans. But it was unjust how the armed (law) enforcement carried on to the unarmed populace during the emergency.

Some events will prompt righteous indignation from me. My hope in that is that I have the facts before going off on a rant with incorrect information. If anyone has correct information (FACTS) not just data, I am happy to receive it. I am one who likes to be accountable. Correction makes me sharper.

I do not pay compliments. I tell the truth. If I tell a person that they do a great job or a great thing, I am not complimenting at all. On the flip side, if I tell of a person who did an evil thing or an error, I am not insulting one for the statement. Now for those who are evil, and have been responsible for the loss of lives, I take full license in insulting the nasty pukes at every opportunity and the vitriol can be intense. After a short time, one will be able to easily discern the difference between opinion and insult.

With all this said, I hope to do a service. I will post more specific items soon enough.

Thank you for stopping by.