Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CNN 'Man on the War Front Forgery' Redux Danny Abdul-Dayem in Syria

CNN 'Man on the War Front Forgery' Redux Danny Abdul-Dayem in Syria

These are lengthy and redundant videos but they are shocking in that the agenda has been exposed. So next time you watch CNN and see this guy, you know that he is a disinfo shill, and know that he serves an agenda to expand the American Empire.

Thanks to the youtubers who posted these videos.

ensure you click the cc button to get the translation caption

Danny Boy in Syria has been exposed as a liar from his appearances on CNN and other media. CNN's Danny Darling cannot keep his stories straight. The coup de grĂ¢ce on this exposure is when he got the grenade explosion sequence inconsistently. Was the grenade blast before or after the gunshot wounds? Further, two gunshots like that and you are in bed for a while, you ARE NOT walking through the airport. Even if the pistol used was a .22!

Danny was asked: What do you want?

"We'll take help from anyone, Israel we don't care!"
"Help us. Military Forces, weapons, or No Fly Zone.

Like the Gulf War 'footage of Charles Jaco in Saudi Arabia' CNN uses these low tactics to further an agenda that only means blood and death on an innocent population....AGAIN

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